Stainless Steel Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass

Set of 2 - Gold

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This 8oz stainless steel wine 'glass' looks and feels like sipping from an actual wine glass.  The svelte shape is elegant and easy to hold, and the double-walled material is lightweight but shatterproof.  And the thin 1mm rim is like fine crystal for the best wine drinking experience. 

  • Vacuum insulated to keep wine chilled, without the big bulk of typical tumblers or the need for a lid
  • Experts say that for enjoying wine, the thinner the rim of the glass, the better.  Our 1mm rim is as thin as fine crystal, but won't chip or break
  • Use like your nice glassware, but go ahead and take it outside, it's safe to use everywhere
        Natural Teak
        Dark Walnut
        ( 2 glasses per box )
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        Did you know

        Most white wines should be drank at 43-46 degrees for the best flavor. A traditional wine glass will heat your wine to room temperature in as little as 10 minutes! Yuch.

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        Did you know

        While seeing. your wine in a traditional glass looks pretty, sunlight is not your wine's friend. Insulated stainless steel protects your wine from heat and sunlight.

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        Did you know

        Many white wines are aged in stainless steel barrels vs oak to keep the tree taste out, so you will not taste anything but your deliciously chilled varietal with your Snowfox glass.

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