Form Meets Function

The Material

Did you know that the moment you pour a drink into a glass it warms by 2°F or more in temperature? Unlike glass, our insulated stainless-steel drinkware takes on your drink’s temperature. Its outer layer also staves off the warmth of your hand and prevents the messy sweat of most glasses.

The Insulation

Who needs 8 hours to drink a cocktail? We have just the right amount of insulation to keep your drink cool until you finish it, so we make our glasses thinner and lighter than the usual stainless-steel variety.

The Quality

Made of high-quality 304 (18/8) food-grade stainless steel, our barware will not affect the composition or taste of your drink. Stainless steel is one the most common materials found in kitchens today because it’s durable, corrosion resistant and safe to use.

The Look

Light and thin-rimmed, our barware isn’t thick like “unbreakable glass.” Other stainless-steel glasses have rims that are 2.5mm thick and are shaped to hold a lid, so they don’t really look like your go-to glassware. But ours fit comfortably in your hand and are shaped like premium glassware with a slim 1mm rim.

The Durability

Our stainless-steel barware is unbreakable. Shatterproof, these wine, cocktail, and beer glasses are perfectly suited for your patio and pool.

The Versatility

Glassware breaks just as easily inside as it does outside. And it can make a mess of your coffee table too. Snowfox barware is the best of both worlds…you can use it every day like traditional glassware but get all the benefits of stainless steel.

Colder Longer

We tested how our stainless-steel drinkware fares against a traditional glass—even if you’re not holding it. After 20 minutes, the drink in ours measures at least 10°F cooler. Since you should always sip white wine when it’s below 50°F, our white-wine glasses are a no-brainer.

Light and Clean

Our rocks glass is way lighter than your usual super heavy rocks glass, and it holds more of your go-to spirit. It doesn’t wet your hand or your cocktail napkin with glass sweat, and it has a thinner rim that’s just nicer to drink out of than standard glasses.