How is The Wine Industry Changing? Recent Report Highlights Future Trends

Have you noticed? Wine drinking seems to have become more popular in recent years. Maybe you, too, have been bitten by the grape. Whether you enjoy random varieties of house wines while out clubbing or you’re a connoisseur of fine wines, you’re one of the consumers domestic wine producers are focusing on for the future. Why?

Imported wine sales are increasing according to a recent report. Although informative, it has not brought about much anxiety since domestic sales are still strong. However concern for future sales is bubbling up among our homeland wineries.

Future Trends

Trends indicate that since 1994 imported wine sales in general have increased. These trends are giving domestic wine producers a run for their money. In response, they are coming up with strategies that will allow them to continue competing for their pieces of the wine sales pie.

The future focus on competition points domestic wine producers in the direction of providing value for younger customers who are looking for the best deal, and this new generation is more open than the last to a world view when it comes to buying products in general.

The report refers to gateway wines that introduce young adults to their first experiences with wine. Preferences appear to have switched from

domestic to foreign. Italian Pinot Grigio and French Rose lead the pack. Reportedly, since September of 2017 the annual dollar growth has been the highest from wines sales in France, New Zealand and Italy, respectively.

How does this translate to restaurant wine sales? Have they been improving? Slightly, but the report shows growth rates are slowing. The reason? Young customers and budget conscious retirees who are more aware of mark-ups are more likely to eat at lower cost restaurants that don’t serve alcohol or have a drink at home before going out.

Whether high-end or lower priced, who wants to drink lukewarm wine (unless it’s meant to be served room temperature).

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