About Snowfox

It started with water. But the real inspiration behind it all? Vodka sodas. 

A while back, a friend introduced me to insulated stainless steel water bottles, which completely changed the game for me.  I’m a tennis player, and this amazing technology kept my water super cold through all my long matches. It wasn’t long before I realized how great it would be for all kinds of drinks off the court too.  I set out to find stainless steel glasses and was disappointed I could only find giant tumblers and bulky 'cups'.

I bought one anyway and started toting it around to use at cocktail parties and for drinks at home.  But while my new go-to happy hour accessory kept my wine at the right temperature and ice from diluting my cocktails, it wasn’t the same drinking experience I was used to, sipping my beverages from nice glassware. That’s when Snowfox happened.

Inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, I designed Snowfox insulated stainless steel barware in classic silhouettes that look and feel like fine glassware so you can experience your drink the way it’s meant to be.  Thin rimmed, lightweight and easy to hold, they are elegant enough for entertaining and provide an amazing drinking experience.  Who wants to drink warm wine….ever?  Snowfox is just as great to use inside as it is outside on hot day. 

If you haven’t seen a snow fox dive into the snow you should check it out.  The snow fox represents the meeting of form and function with plenty of fun—Just like our barware. Enjoy!